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To celebrate and be proud of a person’s accomplishements

Eden Aglukark from Iqaluit

John Ashevak from Kinngait

Ashley Curley from Arviat

Mariah Erkloo from Pond Inlet

Lily Hickes from Iqaluit

Russell Kaput from Rankin Inlet

Simon Eegeesiak McDonald  from Iqaluit

Shane Adams from Rankin Inlet

Destyni Atatahak from Kugluktuk

Akutaq Williamson Bathory from Iqaluit

Miles Brewster from Iqaluit

Tim Idlout from Resolute Bay

Lou Kopak from Iqaluit

Kristen MacDonald from Iqaluit

Shawn Mike from Iqaluit

Ryleigh McPherson from Iqaluit

Mukpah Otak  from Iqaluit

Sarah Enoogoo, Grade 12 from Pond Inlet

Deanna Kooneeliusie, Grade 12 from Qikiqtarjuak

Linda Kopalie, Grade 11 from Qikiqtarjuak

Adam Jonah Nookiguak, Grade 12 from Qikiqtarjuak

Annie Nookiguak, Grade 12 from Qikiqtarjuak

Colby Hickey, Iqaluit

Jillian Kyak, Pond Inlet

Taryn Lavallee, Iqaluit

Nolan Sammurtok, Rankin Inlet

2014 Recipients The Nunavut Law Foundation is proud to announce the recipients of the 2014 Upinnaqtuq Awards. The word “Upinnaqtuq”in Inuktitut means “to celebrate a person’s accomplishments” or “a person you are proud of”. The Recipients are:

Etuangat Akeeagok, Grise Fiord

Kiyanna Drachenberg,Iqaluit

Margaret Gauthier, Iqaluit

Hayden Hickey, Iqaluit

Scott Kiluksishak, Pond Inlet

Kaj Sandbakken, Iqaluit

Veronica Uttak, Repulse Bay

Kaj Sandbakken, Iqaluit

Aloka Wijesooriya, Iqaluit

View our photo gallery from the November 14 Iqaluit celebrations!

November 13,2013 Media Advisory : English here and Inuktitut here

November 28, 2013 Nunatsiaq News article:Nunavut Law Foundation hands out Upinnaqtuq awards

The Upinnaqtuq Awards were created in 2011 to honour of Madame Justice Beverly Browne, who sat as a Territorial Court Judge in the Northwest Territories from 1990 until 1999 before becoming the first Senior Judge of the unified Nunavut Court of Justice upon Nunavut’s creation until 2009.

The Awards commemorate Justice Browne’s active volunteerism in Nunavut’s communities, her commitment to social justice, and her particular dedication to working with youth. They are awarded annually to students and youth throughout Nunavut who demonstrate qualities of leadership in conflict resolution or remarkable progress in rehabilitation.

2014 Complete Call and Details English

2014 Complete Call and Details Inuktitut

2014 Complete Call and Details French

Great turn out from family, friends and community members!

The Upinnaqtuq Award gets its own logo!

The logo represents the inclusion of sports, community and school into a person’s life. The symbols inside the circle represent these three aspects, showing how they are intertwined with each other. The circle represents both the world and a sun at the same time. Resting this on the shoulders of the person gives the logo an uplifting feeling, showing that accomplishments are within one’s reach.

Thank you Gillian Cummings ( 2014 summer student) for this beautiful art piece!

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